Spinners - 2008

Spinners - Site Specific installation

I began creating 101 alumimium can propellers as an expression of artistic process.
The piece developed during an artist residency at La Corbiere in Switzerland. I was feeling lost without the tools and "supplies" I normally surround myself with and turned to what was readily available to create with: beer cans and bamboo. The result was a mesmerizing garden patch of propellers, beautiful from a distance but aggressive and menacing up close. The site in front of the caravan seems to comment on American trailer park life and the field of defensive moving metal speaks to the American obesssion with protecting personal property.

To me the joy lies in many moving things, moving together, powered only by wind.

La Corbiere



„a place I know well“
cultural exchange between 9 young artists
Sept 7 – Oct 10,2008
PROG, Bern

stop trick

In Bern, as part of the exhibition 'a place i know well', I "planted" the spinners in a concrete parking lot, creating a very surreal “field of flowers” in an urban landscape.

Refresh to see the stop Trick again


with hole


art shot




Guerilla Installations in Bern

We Installed patches of spinners around the city of Bern in natural settings.
A form of bringing the spinners "home" after their time in the asphalt of the PROGR parking lot.

spinner tree
Planting the spinners in various locations allowed me to create different feelings, an interesting experiment in artistic expression.





Process Pics








window cans