Exploratorio Harmonie


green apples

An installation inspired by the Exploratorium in San Francisco, created during my residency at the San Francisco Dump. 2 Sine wave oscillators drive the modified television (standard wobblevision) and create patterns as the two tones interact. The pitches of the oscillators are controlled by the joystick and pots on the control surface.

I've always been interested in the relationships of "harmonic" sounds and various concepts of tuning. This installation provides an intuitive method of exploring harmonic relationships if the user is so inclined. "Harmonic intervals" (octave, fifth, major third, etc) create simple, static visual patterns, while more complex harmonies, "dissonant intervals", create complex, unstable visual patterns. Essentially, the more complex the harmony, the more complex the visual patterns become. But, of course, one can just enjoy video game sounds and squiggly patterns on the screen that change as the joystick is tweaked.

Experience it for yourself by taking a tour at the San Francisco Dump