Dear Ritas - 2007

dear Rita #4


Inspired by Rita Blick, an Artist who began heating and shaping plexiglass in her home oven to create sculptures. A True artist, she said, "My children became used to the idea of coming home to the fumes of plastic backing in the oven rather than the smell of cookies baking in the oven."

I began experimenting with the techniques she described and found them extrememly rewarding. The sculptures pictured are roughly 6 inches square. I added my touch to Rita's technique, lighting the sculptures with LEDs, taking advantage of the light transferring properties of Plexiglass.

Over the course of her career, Rita took her plexiglass creations to a giant scale. Someday I hope to do the same and build on her ideas by incoporating kinetics and interactivity to create works for public spaces.


Green Apples, Interactive Installation - 2007